Job Post Package


  • 30 job posting
  • 3 featured job
  • Job displayed for 15 days
  • Premium Support 24/7

CV Packages

Enterprise CV Package

  1. Unlimited resume downloads.
  2. Advanced search filters for precise candidate targeting.
  3. Customized resume packages tailored to your company’s unique requirements.
  4. Dedicated account manager for personalized assistance.

Premium CV Package

  1. Download up to 50 resumes per month.
  2. Resumes include comprehensive details about skills, work history, and achievements.
  3. Tailored resumes matched to specific job categories and industries.
  4. Ideal for established companies seeking experienced candidates or specialists.

Basic CV Package

  1. Access a pool of qualified candidates with a standard range of skills and experience.
  2. Download 5 resumes per month.
  3. Resumes include basic contact information and a summary of skills and experience.
  4. Suitable for small businesses and startups looking for entry-level to mid-level candidates.